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Videos and other information provided in the membership area on the website are for the individual information purpose only. It is not intended as the medical advice for anyone and should not be considered as the medical advice. Although information provided on the website or in the program is accurate, but it is not similar to any kind of medical prescription. It is not the substitute of any medical advice and we do not intend to question the prescription of any doctor. We provide necessary steps which can help in controlling your blood sugar levels and provide you a healthy lifestyle. You must not rely on our website for any medical emergency as we cannot provide you instant remedy for any medical situation. We do not treat diabetes we only help in controlling blood sugar levels by making some changes in your lifestyle. We do not claim to cure your type II diabetes completely and we only share our experience through our program and guide you to avoid the usage of insulin in your daily life. Time does not permit our staff to answer all your questions in timeline. So we will answer your queries and question in specific time.

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We do not claim any warranty through cure your type II diabetes program or any other information provided on our site. You may find faults and many things may not work in your case. Our program is not limited to any individual and its results may vary for every person. Our results are not specific for any individual because this program is designed and developed on the research and personal experience of Mr. Nazir Hussain. We do not claim complete cure from diabetes and it completely depends on the individual how much they follow the program and how they follow it. You use the program on your own risk and it’s completely your responsibility to follow the program on day to day basis to get the desired results. Results may vary according to the lifestyle and environment of your place. Results also depend on the medical condition and efforts of different individuals and hence, we do not provide any money back guarantee under any circumstances. It’s an ongoing program that needs your patience, support and faith.

Limitation of Liability

Use of the program is completely your decision and we do not influence any individual for following anything. Medical conditions are different for everyone so we do not claim anything specific and we can only guide you through our experience. If you find our program non-satisfactory you can stop following it at any point of time without claiming anything from us. If you need guidance or support we are available online and we will answer all your queries and questions in as less time as possible. Once you purchase our program you may have to provide some information about your health and lifestyle so that we can suggest you best things for good results.
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