Diabetes is a leading cause of amputation, blindness and kidney failure.

These complications occur due to much of the social and financial burden of diabetes.What do you think is the greatest cause of diabetes, worldwide? Let me tell you, Obesity, unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles are the major ones. The healthiest people in the world use these factors for their healthy lifestyle and things have drastically changed for them!

Stop wasting your time and money by consulting various doctors in different parts of the world.

What will you do with your wealth if you have no control over your life?
Do you think healthy people around the world take regular medication to avoid health issues? Simplify your life by making small changes to your lifestyle. You too can enjoy your life without taking a huge list of prescriptions.

Sure, these people didn’t become healthy overnight. But with the right advice and practice they made remarkable changes in their health with very little time, effort and money. Does it make sense to try various doctors or treatments without getting any sustainable results?
Change your lifestyle to a whole new level and get remarkable

I did — and now you can too!

Simplify your life and keep those prescriptions and medicines away from you!


Hello, I am Nazir Hussain.

Let me tell you my story and how I managed to bring myself off the medication!
In 2001, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I was devastated and concerned about my future as I believed that my life was over. I was trying everything to control my diabetes. To be honest I was completely overloaded with information and prescriptions. Yes I was lost in the river of information provided by doctors, friends and family. You don’t need anyone to tell you how challenging it is to follow lots of instructions and medication. I was frustrated like hell as I wasn’t feeling well. I kept going back to the doctor and every time he added more and more medication to my prescription.

Frustration was getting into my nerves as the doctors were increasing my prescriptions, but there was no relief at all. I was in the middle of a tunnel with no light on the other end. I was anxious to know the answers to my questions. I kept asking various questions to the doctor as a result I was classified as a difficult patient. They were saying that all will be well but, nothing was well. I started gaining weight and had very low energy levels with poor memory. My eyesight was deteriorating and everything was challenging for me. I knew that I needed to take control of the Diabetes before it took control of me.

$97 Monthly Subscription$527 6 Monthly Subscription$997 Annual Subscription

I discussed my fears with someone who used to work for me. He suggested that I consult his uncle in China who was the senior herbalist in a well-respected hospital. I made all the arrangements and travelled to China. I went through all the tests and spent nine days there and was finally prescribed a mixture of herbs that were available locally. I bought 6 months supply and returned back to the UK.
I started taking the herbs every morning as prescribed and noticed a few positive changes. Unfortunately overtime the benefits disappeared like clouds in the sky. I was wondering what else I could do, but I didn’t get answers from anyone.
I then decided to go to India and have embryonic stem cell treatment; this was against medical and social advice. Many people told me that I could die from this treatment as it hadn’t been tried and tested. I decided it was better to take the risk than to lose my life to diabetes.
I went through this treatment for more than 2 years; afterwards I felt great and returned to UK but, I was back to square one again within a few weeks and my blood sugar level started to rise. I was advised to start taking insulin to bring my blood sugar down. I did not agree with this advice as I felt as though I would enter a vicious cycle. I was distraught and desperate, but was determined to have my life back. I decided to make some simple but major changes to my life.
I made few dietary, exercise and monitoring changes, and started to wean myself off my medication.
I started documenting everything I did, in relation to my diabetes. I recorded my blood sugar levels, and all the food that I ate in a 24 hour period. By making these changes and keeping detailed records I was able to slowly get myself off all my medication over a 16 week period.
I was finally free from all the medication.

Professor Charles Clarke


I made these changes to my life under the watchful eye of an expert who is a specialist in area of Diabetes and Glaucoma…. Professor Charles Clarke. Without his advice it wouldn’t be possible to stop all my medications of diabetes. His expert advice will be available to all the members using this program. He will join us in webinars and he will not only answer your questions, but will also share cutting edge data, his latest findings from researches that are a valuable resource.

All webinars will be scheduled and announced to members so that they can come up with their questions in the webinar and get expert’s advice on their situation. You get your own expert in the disciplines of diabetes, diet, nutrition and glaucoma.

$97 Monthly Subscription$527 6 Monthly Subscription$997 Annual Subscription

Many people fail to get their lives back, but I did it because I was determined to live my life again. For those of you who may be struggling with your Diabetes, I will share the secret of my success with you bit by bit.
The Secret of a Healthy Life is NOT in some long prescription or pills, surgery or herbs, it’s in you! You need to consume this information and most importantly follow my instructions to the letter. I will support you and give you advice throughout the whole process. Professor Clarke will also be joining us on webinars to answer your questions so that you can have your life back from Diabetes just like me. At the end of this program you will have a life free from medication and still be able to control your Diabetes. This program is not done by guesswork. I will give you a cure that I successfully applied to myself. You will also get advice from Professor Clarke.
You don’t need anyone to tell you how challenging it can be to live with diabetes. This fool proof program is a step towards a healthy life and controlled diabetes.
You are aware of the advice and prescriptions your doctor may have given you. You can just follow them and live a tiresome life, or you can trust this program and hit the buy button now. Don’t waste any more time If you follow my instructions given in this program you can make an impressive difference to your health.
You are most likely aware of the many treatments for the type 2 Diabetes; but my program stands apart from all the other treatments that are available.
Once you feel the benefits of my programme, you can direct other people to this programme so that they too can have a medication free life.

If you are currently receiving treatment and your diabetes is not well controlled, then your treatment is not working for you are not benefiting from it.
The chances are that you are taking medication that is making you ill. Every diabetic patient has his/her own problems with life and my program is not designed to solve your diabetic problems it is to teach you how to control your diabetes.

You decide what you want where you fit!

You want treatments for the life threatening, debilitating and irreversible side effects that occur as a result of uncontrolled diabetes or you want to control your diabetes to avoid the nasty side effects resulting from your medication and or diabetes.

Its glue that can only be washed away with healthy life practices.

It’s important that you follow a program you’re comfortable to get a hale and hearty life.
I will explain everything in plain English. You don’t need to be a doctor or specialist to get off your medication.
Mind blowing prescriptions, treatments in various parts of the world, specialists or any other person cannot help you. With my step by step programme and support you can help yourself and restore your life.

With my support, you can start to help yourself!

Me and Professor Clarke are working every day to give you best program that leads towards a medication free life.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you also know that the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes is not inexpensive.

Sure, you could bet all your savings and investment to treat your diabetes and follow all the suggestions and advice provided by others. Recommendation from a friend may be considered more valuable than your own results from the treatment.

But, you won’t find these unique & tested methods anywhere else.
However, the bottom line is, if you follow the instructions given by me word by word and you stick to the program you will come off all your medication.

Why Trust Me and what you get for your Money?

You get your life back. You get my exact step by step method which I drip feed you by unlocking one video per day. It’s a membership site and you get the following in the membership area.

Introductory Videos

Once you subscribe to the program you get the access to General Area  that is available to you all the time here you will find program introduction video that will give you a brief introduction of the cure your type II diabetes  and the program.

After that you will get the access to the general area where you will find four videos of exercise, relaxation, eating out and a quick lesson in cooking. In exercise video I will show you which exercises I do to keep myself fit and away from the problems.  My healthy exercise routine leaves you energized.

Next is Yoga Video” in which you will see my yoga classes and what I do for healthy lifestyle I follow this twice in a week.

In the very next video you will see that it is possible to follow your normal routine life with by program as I go out for lunch.

After that you will see quick lesson cooking video in which I will cook my signature dish for you that will inspire you for healthy eating habits.  It will also motivate you for healthy eating without stuffing yourself with sweet and unhealthy food items.


112 Course Videos

Once you have watched all these videos you will reach to the main core of the program which consist 112 short videos and you can watch one video in a day so that you will not feel overwhelmed or don’t end up being confused.

In each video you will see step by step instructions from the day one to day 112. The first video is day of the program and it will be unlocked to you at the time of login for the very first time. I will share detailed log of activities from the time I wake up to till the time I go to bed and so will continue in upcoming days.

I will give you homework, my final comments, points to observe and my suggestions as per your situation.


24X7 Email Support & Expert Advice

In addition you can contact me 24X7 through e-mail and I will also organize weekly webinars where you can ask your questions or queries related to diabetes and you can also share your issues to get the best solution. Professor Clark will also be joining us on Webinars to answers your questions. Dr. Clark is a professor of Economics and a great author of many publications such as Economic Theory and Natural Philosophy, The New High Protein Diet, Diabetes Revolution and many more. He is also a nutrition expert who gives advice on the controversial topic of the best diet for diabetes. He has deep knowledge of diabetes and food that affect it.

Beyond Medication:

Now when you are off your medications you must be thinking what’s coming next. My program does not stop here because my goal is to give you healthy life for longtime.

Your blood sugar levels will probably fluctuate for a while and may settle down after a month or two. It is important that you maintain your resolution, stick to the program against all odd and do not lose hope. Sticking to the program is important otherwise you may end up on tablets again or you can go off the program and do something harmful for your diabetic problem.  Monitor everything daily, get rid of the stress and relax as much as you can and say goodbye to your diabetic issues forever.

Is this program for you?
This program is for any person who have type II diabetes and who wishes to and is committed to have his/her life back.  This program is for any type 2 diabetic who knows the complications associated with type 2 diabetes and ready to take pre-emptive action to avoid any complications.

This Program is not for you:

  1. If you wish to continue taking medications as you currently are 

  2. If you are taking insulin dose and you have no problem with it in the future.

  3. If you can’t follow simple instructions and do any task asked to do.

  4. If you just want to give it a try and you are not really going to follow it.

  5. If you are looking for a trial program to see if you like it or not.

  6. If you are happy with your lifestyle and don’t want to change anything in it.

  7. If you can’t keep meticulous records of your daily activities.

  8. If you only trust your doctor’s advice and you don’t like exercising at all. 

  9. If you have a sweet tooth and you deal with your cravings by eating biscuits, chocolates and cakes occasionally.

  10. If you cannot stop eating fast food and processed food. 

  11. If you cannot give 18 months commitments.

Sign up now for a brand new life.

Help your friend, your family or whoever has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or has been a diabetic for some time.
Your decision to join this programme can change your life forever. Fill your life with happiness instead of medication.
You can tell yourself you can’t afford this program… convince yourself it’ll never work for you…change the webpage…..close the page


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